Find marketing approaches that work for you

Huzzah! Your product is a success!

You and yours are feeling busy. But it's the good kind of busy. So many new signups!

And then the support requests start coming in…

"I thought this product did x?"

"The video said I don't need a credit card for this free trial, so why is the form asking me for one?"

You and yours are swamped.

And you wonder… why aren't people getting your product?

Or perhaps your service is not as popular as you thought it'd be.

People visit your landing page, but tune out early.

Or they give you your email address in exchange for a PDF treat—but ignore the rest of your emails.

You've done your best. So how do you get past these roadblocks?


Meet Your New Wingman

I'm Patrick Hawkins, the nimble marketer behind Hyperverses. I apply insights into persuasive technology to tell the story of your complex products and services.

In my years as a software tester, I saw a big mismatch between what my team was developing and how it was being marketed. I sometimes had to bug our marketing team to remove a feature from the website that the product didn't have!

The thing was, I knew these guys. They weren't trying to lie. So I wondered if there wasn't a bigger underlying issue.

After learning a whole bunch about marketing to find out just what my coworkers were up to, I realized that the problem was universal to marketing: nailing the story of complex, feature-rich products can be hard!

I also realized that as a context-driven software tester, I'd been spending years telling the stories of a complex product to developers, regular users, management, and everyone in between.

So I took what I'd learned—and what I'd been practicing—and founded Hyperverses to help businesses tell the story of their complex products and services.

If it sounds like your business could benefit just a little from our help, book a free discovery call. I'm confident you'll at least get an insight or two to help grow your business.